Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Uh, Waiter..."

With the school year over, summer is over, if not quite yet literally, definitely figuratively. With that change, and training with the team at a premium, the pouring rain was most definitely not welcome. Nainesh told me that coach had said practice was on, if it was raining lightly. With visibility very poor, I knew practice was off. Disappointed, I realized I would have to go to plan B, training at the gym for my upcoming marathon. Each time I ran with the team, I was substituting my training plan for theirs. That meant running the wrong distance at the wrong pace, for the wrong amount of time. Today would be a chance to get back to my program. So why was I so upset?

All of a sudden I felt like a diner who, having tried both the appetizer and the main course, realized that he prefers the former over the latter. For so long marathon training had been the reason I ran. Now, I had discovered something better; a chance to chase my youth, meet kids from a totally different world, and learn more about myself. There will be plenty of marathons to chase PRs, for now I am pursuing something else.

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